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About Us

Beam Group is Singapore’s premier talent agency. We proudly represent a superb range of established celebrity names alongside promising up-and-coming new talent and specialise in the supply of these for their involvement whether as actors, hosts, music performers and/or models, etc across the entire spectrum of the entertainment industry, including motion pictures, television programmes, commercials, endorsements, industrial videos, print work, and events.


Beam Group manages the careers of carefully-selected talents from Singapore and from within the region. Through our forging of their individual images and identities, our artistes are empowered to fully develop their careers. 


Beam Group prides our self in our rigorous selection process to ensure that the talents taken under our wing further excel in their respective fields and nurture their abilities to work and cooperate with clients with specific requirements.


Our line-up of artistes excels in his or her respective fields. This includes the fields of acting, hosting as well as music. Their drive, discipline and professionalism have allowed them to demonstrate their potential be it on stage, television and even in feature films across all genres.


Beam Group has also positively contributed to various corporate clients’ product value through our artistes being engaged to be their brand ambassadors. Coupled with their charisma and talent, our artistes are able to bring a “spark” to our clients’ marketing and publicity efforts.


Contact us for more information on how we can match our Beam Group with your requirements!

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