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Triston's upbringing in a single-parent household with two older siblings meant he had to share his mother's love and attention amidst her demanding workload. Lacking a father figure, he struggled without a male role model, leading him down a path he's not proud of. Coping with loneliness and finding solace in food, Triston developed obsessive behaviors and a stutter, greatly affecting his confidence and self-esteem. Immersed in anime and movies, he yearned to be the protagonist of his own story. Taking a leap of faith in Polytechnic, he joined the Temasek DragonBoat CCA, initially lacking the will to stay. However, spurred on by his seniors' encouragement and extreme training methods, including punishing physical tasks, Triston emerged stronger mentally and physically. Now, he faces a personal challenge in joining Mr World Singapore: shedding the 15kg he gained, not just for himself, but to show his personal training clients the mental resilience needed to achieve weight loss.

#12 Triston Tay

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