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Charles's journey from a rural area of China to the fashion industry exemplifies resilience and determination. Despite modest academic qualifications, he pursued various career paths, including tea tasting, restaurant ownership, and bubble tea entrepreneurship. However, it was his passion for fashion that ultimately captured his heart. Delving into clothing matching and image design, he also found success as a model for online clothing brands. For Charles, fashion is more than just clothing—it's a means of enhancing confidence and self-expression. His dedication to the industry prompted him to prioritize physical fitness, reflecting his commitment to personal growth. Outside of work, Charles enjoys an active lifestyle, engaging in basketball, Frisbee, gym workouts, cycling, mountain climbing, and camping. Emphasizing the importance of education, knowledge, and foresight, he joined Mr World Singapore 2024 to connect with like-minded individuals and broaden his horizons in Singapore's vibrant community.

#20 Pung Chao Fan

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