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Keefe is a determined and career-minded individual who stops at nothing to achieve his dreams. As a full-time student pursuing a Bachelor's in Bioengineering at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), he constantly seeks opportunities to excel in all aspects of his life. Despite juggling school, modelling, acting, and his role as a social media manager at a startup, he remains focused and dedicated to his goals. Keefe's relentless pursuit of success is a testament to his hard work and hustle, showcasing his determination and ambition.


Keefe is a passionate freelance model, actor and talent who eagerly embarked on his journey in the fashion and media industry in 2022, collaborating with well-known brands such as ASICS, McDonald’s, and Joya Onsen Cafe. This experience ignited his fervent passion for self-expression and storytelling, shaping him into a vibrant presence both on and off-camera.


Alongside pursuing a Bachelor's in Bioengineering at NTU, Keefe excels as a committed social media manager, skilfully blending creativity with analytical rigor. His entrepreneurial spirit fuels his drive to push boundaries and embrace new challenges. Keefe firmly believes that change is the key to evolution and personal growth.


Inspired by his mentor's success story of transitioning from an Engineering Degree holder to a General Manager at a digital marketing company, Keefe is actively embracing a shift towards the media scene. Despite the discomfort that change may bring, he views it as an opportunity to evolve and become a better person. Keefe is passionate about inspiring others with his tenacity, courage to step out of comfort zones, and unwavering dedication to entrepreneurship.


With a long-term vision of owning his own company one day, Keefe aspires to serve as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), leveraging his creativity, strategic thinking, and passion for innovation to make a lasting impact in the dynamic world of marketing.


#1 Keefe Ye Kang

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