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Douglas's journey to joining Mr World Singapore 2024 as a contestant is a testament to his remarkable transformation. Three years ago, he faced a rough and traumatic period, culminating in a 12-month sentence of Reformative Training for theft, cheating, and criminal impersonation. His time in Tanah Merah Prison initially saw him engaging in mischievous and stubborn behavior, resulting in an extension of his sentence and encounters with punishment cells and prison caning. However, a moment of reflection led Douglas to realize the need for change. He bravely left his gang, facing threats from former associates, but found safety and solace within the prison system. He immersed himself in financial literature and embraced the notion that prison could either make or break him. Upon release, Douglas volunteered at a community hospital before pursuing studies in Sports Management. Today, he is a dedicated student and junior bodybuilder, committed to self-improvement and inspiring others with the message that one's potential knows no bounds.

#13 Douglas Pong

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