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In the face of adversity, Daryl experienced a significant setback in his career when he was scammed out of a substantial amount of money by a close friend, leading to legal issues, financial strain, and emotional turmoil. Despite struggling with debt, pressure, and a decline in various aspects of his life, including relationships and fitness, he found solace in his support system of family, friends, and clients who helped him navigate through the challenges. Embracing the opportunity to participate in Mr. World Singapore 2024, Daryl aims to spread positivity and resilience to others who have faced similar setbacks, leveraging his own experiences to inspire hope and encourage self-improvement. Through his journey, he emphasizes the importance of allowing oneself to process emotions while also taking proactive steps towards rebuilding strength and facing challenges head-on, recognizing that perseverance is key to moving forward despite adversity.

#22 Daryl Ng

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