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Daniel's journey has been marked by adversity, from grappling with low self-confidence as an NT student to facing challenges in his academic and physical pursuits. Despite encountering difficulties in his first semester at ITE, he was encouraged by his sister to aim higher, eventually enrolling in a local polytechnic with remarkable determination. Similarly, his path to physical fitness was filled with obstacles, but he persisted and found success through calisthenics. Daniel's unwavering determination and drive for personal growth extend beyond academia and physical training, influencing various aspects of his life. In his leisure time, he enjoys spending time with loved ones, gaming, exercising, figure skating, and taking up part-time jobs. Despite moments of self-doubt, Daniel is motivated by his family's mantra: "If you never try, you will never know," propelling him toward achieving his goals and personal growth beyond his initial expectations.

#11 Daniel Soong

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