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Baron epitomizes composure and logical thinking, displaying pragmatism and genuine care for others. As the proprietor of "Partners in Crime," a successful restaurant and bar on River Valley Road for nearly seven years, he balances business demands with personal goals. Despite surpassing 80kg due to the pressures of management, Baron is resolute in his journey towards a healthier weight of 68kg while enhancing lean muscle mass, currently weighing 74kg. A decade ago, at 20, he shone as a finalist in Manhunt Singapore 2014, winning "Mr Best in Swimwear" and achieving his peak physical condition at 65kg. Now, he aims to surpass past triumphs, integrating his present ethos into his lifestyle and dietary practices, guided by Ralph Waldo Emerson's wisdom. Embracing authenticity amidst external pressures, Baron remains committed to being true to himself and his followers. Drawing from his entrepreneurial experience, he continues to strive for personal greatness through unwavering dedication and determination.

#17 Baron Chia

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