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Originally being a more introverted person, Ron normally avoided situations which would result in him being placed in the spotlight. However, by a stroke of luck Ron was presented with an opportunity to participate in Mr World 2023 when he had gone down to one of the events to support his close friend. Hence, Ron decided to capitalise on this fortuity to step out of his comfort zone and try his hand at something that he would have never expected himself to be part of. 


Currently Ron is an NSF serving his last year of National Service, after which he will pursue a degree in Business Administration at the National University of Singapore. In his free time, he used to be rather active in sports such as volleyball and basketball. However, a ligament injury  3 years ago placed him in rehabilitation hindering his ability to play such sports. However, not only did he not let that get him down, he has discovered a new-found interest in music which led him to picking up the guitar and singing during this downtime. Since then, he has been steadily recovering and has kept up with both his interests in the field of sports and music.



#4 Ron Tan

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