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Ethan was a rebellious student in secondary school who never wanted to study or listen to his teachers. His grades were consistently poor, and he nearly had to repeat a year. After realizing that his current path was not going to lead to success, he sought out his cousin for tuition, and his grades improved significantly. He went on to do well in polytechnic, graduating with a diploma with merit in banking and finance. 


Ethan struggled with body image issues and used to induce vomiting after overeating. However, he discovered the gym, which helped him control his weight in a healthy way. He now exercises consistently and has improved his mental and physical health. 


Ethan hopes to inspire teenagers who are struggling with similar issues by participating in Mr World Singapore 2023. He wants to show them healthy ways to improve themselves and lead a meaningful life by seizing opportunities.


#3 Ethan Ng

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