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Sidhu, originally from Punjab, India, overcame challenges growing up in a modest family and pursued a career in hospitality. He moved to Singapore in 2016 and holds an Advanced Diploma in Restaurant and Catering Management from Icastec, along with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Punjabi University Patiala. Sidhu currently works at Wine Mansion and IKURA Japanese Group of Restaurants, where he excels in customer service, networking, and socializing with patrons. He is known for his responsible nature, hard work, and dedication to customer satisfaction.


Outside of work, Sidhu maintains his passion for fitness through regular workouts and has a keen interest in wine tasting. He decided to participate in Mr. World Singapore 2023 to inspire other foreign nationals in Singapore to pursue their dreams. Sidhu holds an Employment Pass and aims to become a shareholder in the company soon.

With a strong drive and determination, Sidhu strives to achieve his goals and create a positive impact on his community. He proudly represents the finalist of Mr. World Singapore 2023.

#16 Sidhu Barkat Singh

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