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Meer Nash

Meer Nash is a multilingual singer, actor, and host from Malaysia. He is able to speak  Malay, English, Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese. Meer Nash is well known for  appearing in ‘I Can See Your Voice Malaysia’ Season 3 EP7. He won the 2nd place in  The 16th Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency  Competition in Changsha, China. Meer  Nash has released his first single titled SARANGHAE in 2021 and competed in a  boyband competition “Super Idol 4” held in Shanghai, China. He also joined a Hokkien  singing competition “Astro Hua Hee Champion” in 2018. Meer Nash is now popularly  known for his multi-language song covers on his social media. Meer Nash has released  his new single “Kajima”.


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