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Yonnyboii, a young talented rapper and producer from Kuala Lumpur. His debut single  ‘Takut’ alongside Caprice has garnered around 7.7M views on YouTube. Yonnyboii  achieved more than 10 million views on YouTube with his songs titled ‘Sakit’, ‘Takut’,  ‘Salahku’, and ‘Tak Sangka’. ‘Sakit’ has also been #1 on the domestic RIM ‘Most  Streamed Singles in Malaysia’ chart for eight consecutive weeks. As a producer,  Yonnyboii has worked with the late Siti Sarah on her single, ‘Dap Dap Dap (Manis) in  2020. Yonnyboii’s recent work ‘Tak Sangka’ has reached more than 10M views in just  11 months on YouTube. He has also written and produced an English song ‘Angel’.


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