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Diana Danielle

A C T R E S S    I    S I N G E R

Diana Danielle is an American-born Malaysian actress who was raised in Penang,  Malaysia. This high-profile actress is in demand for a variety of jobs such as modelling,  singing and television appearances. Diana had also won several awards throughout her  acting career ranging from ‘Best Actress’, ‘Best Supporting Actress’, as well as ‘Popular  TV/Film Actress’. 2016 marks her first year of entering the music scene with the release  of her single ‘Tentang Kita’. Diana Danielle has also released a song collaboration in 2021 titled  ‘We Live To Give’, which has hit more than 100K views on YouTube. Recently, Diana Danielle  was handpicked by Calum Scott, a renowned international artist to do a collaboration on his  latest single ‘Heaven’.


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