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Gilbert Tang

Gilbert is not just another model.  With years of life experiences, he exudes the modern manly charm that both men and women will subscribe to.  Gilbert has developed a keen interest in modelling and acting since young and after he was talent scouted by an established modelling agency, he has not looked back. 


With his suave and easily adaptable looks, Gilbert has since appeared in numerous commercials and advertisements, including print and TV advertisements, for distinguished brands and has landed with acting roles in blockbusters including "The Ultimate Winner" and the most recent "Ah boys to Man" movie.


Gilbert has proven to be versatile and comfortable in front of the camera and on the big screen. And to add to his physical charm, Gilbert is a linguist and adaptable as a fast learner in picking up new languages. He is conversant in English, mandarin, Malay, Cantonese and Hokkien. A little bit of Thai & Japanese, Certainly an asset in Asian based movie sets.


A prefect during his school days, Gilbert's simple but yet disciplined fitness lifestyle of maintaining a regiment of swimming and going to the gym religiously has rewarded him with a fit toned physique most men will be envious of. Gilbert is really a connoisseur of branded watches. His interest of travelling and watch collection has helped to refine and define his personality. It is one of sophistication and patience at the same time. 


With his suave good looks, physique and charisma, Gilbert went on to claim his ultimate trophy do far, the winner of the prestigious senior manhunt 2013. Gilbert won this much coveted award in the midst of strong competition from numerous competitors including good looking athletics and models. 


Gilbert is setting his goals higher this year as he strives to embark on a career in the media and entertainment industry.


Gilbert Tang is a Beam Artiste.

Gilbert Tang
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