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Devarajan is affectionately known as “Dev” in the industry in
Singapore. After an early career in Theatre, In 2010,
Devarajan was picked out of many audition applicants to play
"Dynesh", an ICA Intelligence Officer from "Team Epsilon" in
the Highest Rated Channel 5 (Local Singaporean English
Channel) Program to date, Point of Entry. The drama was
shot locally and in Thailand and the Philippines. It boasts an
International Cast. For his performance in Point of Entry Season 2, he was awarded, "Highly Commended Best Actor in a Supporting Role" at the Asian Television Awards in December 2012. Point of Entry returned for a 4th and last Season at the end of 2013 to much acclaim.


After making a few short films, Devarajan wrote and directed his first full-length Feature Film in Singapore which made waves in Singapore in its national language Malay.


Devarajan is known as an actor with depth and the ability to play many characters to a high level throughout the character’s arc. He is very hardworking and has a reputation of being punctual and well-prepared in the 11 years that he has been acting on Singapore Television.
He is the only Indian Actor in Singapore below 35 years of age to have An Asian Television Award for acting.

Television Shows: Drama/Reality/Variety/Game

Vasantham Star 2005 Finalist
Aasaigal: Leading Role – 2006
Goal 2006: Leading Role – 2006
Vasantham Star 2007: 2nd Runner-Up - 2007
Nagal: Supporting Role – 2007
Manam Season 2: Supporting Role – 2007
Valentine's Day Special 2007: As Devarajan H - 2007
Nijangal Season 1: Supporting Role – 2008
Punggol Festival Special 2008: As Devarajan H - 2008
Varthai: Leading Role – 2009
Bayam: Leading Role – 2010
Endrendrum Punnagai Season 2: As Devarajan H - 2010
Point of Entry Season 1: Main supporting lead As Dynesh Krishnan - 2010
Mudichi: Leading Role – 2010
Iyarkai: Leading Role – 2011

Point of Entry Season 2: Main supporting lead As Dynesh Krishnan - 2011
Kaa: Supporting Role – 2011
Point of Entry Season 3: Main supporting lead As Dynesh Krishnan - 2012
Thulluvadho Ilamai Season 1: As Devarajan – 2012
Point of Entry Season 3: Main supporting lead As Dynesh Krishnan - 2013
Akalya: Leading Role As Murali – 2014
Annamalai Season 1: Leading Role as Pandian – 2015
2nd Chances – Leading Role as Subrah – English Tele Film - 2015


Stage Hosting / Emcees:

Denim Product Launch
Brut Product Launch
Lakme Product Launch
Mustafa Centre Product Launch
International Tamil Film Awards – 2009
Community Centre ‘Deepavali’ Festival
Punggol GRC Events
Singer / Performer:
Osthi – 2013
New Year Countdown 2006
Deepavali Special 2006
Punggol Special 2006
New Year Countdown 2007
Deepavali Special 2007
Punggol Special 2007
New Year Countdown 2008
Deepavali Special 2008
Punggol Special 2008
Vasantham Channel Launch 2008
New Year Countdown 2009
Vasantham Star 2009
Deepavali Special 2009
Punggol Special 2009
Vasantham Star 2009
Singer / Performer (Continue):
New Year Countdown 2010
Deepavali Special 2010
Punggol Special 2010
Thulluvadho Ilamai Season 1 2012
Aasai Aasaiyaai
Nyabagam Varuthey
Pradhana Vizha (Vasantham Awards show)
Vasantham Narpani Family Day
Vasantham Live! @ Esplanade
Yaar Antha Star



Highly Commended Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Point of Entry) - Asian
Television Awards 2012

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