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Damien Koh

If you were to turn the clock fifteen years back, the Damien you see would be a vastly different individual from Damien today. Not physically, but in terms of personality.

In his youth, Damien was quiet and withdrawn. His lack of confidence, compounded by his poor fitness levels made him the target of bullies throughout his secondary school life.

All that changed when he decided to embark on a journey to become the fittest and strongest individual he could possibly strive to become. Year after year of training in strength, endurance as well as delving into martial arts changed him. And most importantly, he found out he could help to change others who were just like him in the past.

After winning the title of Manhunt Singapore 2017, Damien has set his sights on greater involvement in the arts and media industries.

Notable Achievements:

  • Manhunt 2017 Senior Winner


Acting Experience:

  • 20 Days, Taichi Instructor

  • Tanglin, Ong (Episode 656)

Damien Koh
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