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Patrick Ting

Patrick started doing dance performances since secondary school days. Knowing clearly that he wants to join the performing industry, he took up a module in Theatre during University. He landed his first TV commercial in Temasek Polytechnic’s recruitment TVC, and subsequently in a soymilk TVC in Patrick Ting commemorating World Plant-based Milk Day. In 2011, he got involved in dance productions put up by The Royal Dance Off (TRDO) held at the National Library. Since then, his involvement in dance productions haven’t stopped, with the biggest one being held at Marina Bay Sands Theatre. Patrick takes part in international dance competitions as well. The latest being Mediacorp’s Chinese New Year Tik Tok Dance Contest (2021) which he won the first prize. Social Media Statistics 2207 Followers


•Dance Production at Marina Bay Sands Theatre

•Dance Competition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

•Dance Competition in Bangkok

•2021 Mediacorp CNY Tik Tok Dance Contest Performances


TV Commercial:

•Temasek Polytechnic Recruitment TVC (2008)

•Soymilk (World Plant-based Milk Day) (2020)

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