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Jason Tan

Jason Tan is currently a student in Temasek Polytechnic, who took on weight-lifting as part of his daily life and spends most of his free time on his penchant for foreign films and classic literature novels.

Even though shy and reserved, Jason managed to still carve a title as Manhunt Singapore 2013 and the face of ‘My Cozy Room’ award, against the other 14 contestants and proven that against all odds he still manages to bring himself to greatness.

Manhunt Singapore 2013 has given him six months of great memories and countless of opportunities that no other could offer, with the title he intend to further his career path in the acting and modeling industry and wishes to work his way to international level.

Jason Tan is a Beam Artiste.



Manhunt Singapore 2013 Winner

Face of My Cozy Room

Jason Tan B_W.jpg
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