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Nicholas Ng

Nicknamed “Sotong” while growing up, Nicholas was a kid engrossed in books and oblivious to people around him. He enjoyed books about science and dreamt about mysterious physical phenomena. At 12, he read Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time and promised himself that he would study Physics in university, which he eventually did.

At 16, Nicholas took a keen interest in developing his physique inspiring to pursue a 6-pack. His obsession with his physique however led to an eating disorder very quickly. He has now overcome it and took a bold step to join the Mr World Singapore 2020 competition to improve on his self-confidence, as well as using the platform to raise awareness about eating disorders in men.

With his hard work, he emerged as the Winner (Junior Category) for the Mr World Singapore 2020’s Grand Finals.

Having graduated as a Physics major in NUS this year, Nicholas had to choose between a career in Physics or one related to Fitness. He chose the latter and is now a full-time personal trainer and online coach.

Notable Achievements

  • Mr World Singapore 2020 Winner

  • Subsidiary Title Winner for Love Story - Mr Masculinity

  • Subsidiary Title Winner for Japan IPL Express - Mr Japan IPL Express

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