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Linus Li

During his 20s to 40s, Linus spent quite a bit of his time in part-time social service while holding on to his full-time airline job. Those were the moments that he put aside his  personal interest to care for others. He came across those who were dying, bed-ridden, incapacitated, from broken families, lost love, below average families, mental cases, just to name a few. 

Reaching his early 50s, he then felt that perhaps it’d time to pursuit his own dream at the same time still giving back to society.

As a kid, Linus has always loved to sing & had always hoped that there would be a day he could sing to a big audience. His wish came through. In 2011, there came along a national TV Singing competition for the seniors on Channel 8 (黄金年华之斗歌竞艺第一系列). He told himself that he either gave it a shot or he may not have any chances at all.  He pull up his courage and went for it. Thankfully, he emerged as Season’s 1 Champion of the contest.

Notable Achievements

  • Golden Age Talentime 2011 (Winner of Golden Age Talentime 2011)

  • Winner of Most Challenging Trophy/Award 荣获最佳自我挑战奖 Golden Age Talentime 2011

  • Mr World Singapore 2020, 1st Runner Up (Senior Category)


  • Golden Age Talentime 2011 

  • Malaysia’s renowned Astro AEC Classic Golden Melody 2015 Singing Competition

  • Manhunt (2014)

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