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Jon Luke

Jon graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. He was a talent spotted to audition for a Mediacorp television drama in 2018 where he won his first role in “Close Your Eyes”.  This led to other opportunities and appearances in other dramas, variety shows and online videos.

Thereafter Jon was talent scouted and took part in Mr. World Singapore 2020, where he was a finalist.

Jon is someone who tries his hand at many different things. He has crisscrossed many domains and is currently working hard to pick up new skills along the way, including television production.

He is a bilingual multi-talented individual who has great learning abilities.


  • Y so Unhealthy - 2020

  • Hungry For Love - 2019

  • Destined One 2019

  • Thumbs Up! Senior 2018

  • Foodleague Sg


  • Super Dad (2020)

  • My Guardian Angels (2020)

  • All Around You (2020)

  • KIN Web series (2019)

  • All Is Well (2019)

  • Close Your Eyes (2018)

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