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Gabriel Lim

The decision to enter the engineering industry was a natural one for Gabriel. A socially awkward turtle by nature, Gabriel grew up being that weird kid in class watching anime and avoiding eye contact during conversations. Never feeling at home in social situations, coupled with his disposition towards Math and Physics in Secondary School, he went on to study Aerospace Engineering in Polytechnic and eventually graduated from Singapore Institute of Technology with a Degree in Mechatronics.

In between his educational journey however, Gabriel was posted to the police force to serve his National Service and was forced to step out of his comfort zone to communicate with strangers in order to manage situations and de-escalate conflicts. Furthermore, in the final year of his degree he decided to make the bold leap to join Manhunt 2017 and step into the limelight, further forcing himself to engage with the media and public. In the meantime though, Gabriel is working as an engineer in an aerospace company where crunching numbers take precedence over liaising with clients, and where problem solving rather than personal relations is king. It is as close to home as it can get. Still, don’t hesitate to approach him to strike up a conversation though, he may start off a little shy but you’d be surprised at the kind of nonsensical conversations that arise!

In 2020, with hard work and dedication, he has emerged as the first runner up (Junior Category) for the Mr World Singapore 2020’s grand finals.

Notable Achievements

  • Mr World Singapore 2020 1st Runner Up

  • Mr VS - Contestant 1 - Gabriel Lim (Vintage)

  • Mr Phytonovathrix - Contestant 1 - Gabriel Lim (Ales Group)

  • Mr Ketogenic - Contestant 1 - Gabriel Lim (Ketomei)


  • Mr World Singapore 20201st Runner Up (Junior Category)

  • Manhunt Singapore 2017

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