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Fairul Edham Hirdayat Bin Dahlan

Graduated with 5 GCE O-Levels from Si Ling Secondary School. An active member involved in various school curriculum activities. Captain of the school’s Cheerleading Team, Senior Band Major of the school’s Military Band and one of the school representatives for the Arts Club.


I have been socially active and heavily involved in the arts from a very young age. I enjoy taking up leadership roles and I believe that Leadership is one of my strongest attributes. I am also musically inclined. I was in my school’s military band since 2000 till 2006. I was appointed the role of Band Major where I lead the band during performances, took charge of practices and training new members when they joined the band. I was approached by one of the teachers to form the school’s cheerleading team in which I was to lead and choreograph for them for the national competition. In 2004, when we took part in Nationals for the first time, we won the gold award and also the best team spirit award.

I have been cheering for a total of 17 years and have been coaching for 15 years. Been through numerous competitions and have garnered a lot of knowledge. Not only have i learned cheerleading but i have also expanded my knowledge in song and dance during my service in National service with the SAF Music and Drama company as an artiste. I was elected as choreographer for several shows. Some of which was brought overseas to Brunei and rockhampton Australia. I currently have 18 championship title as a cheerleading coach. I have also been certified a qualified judge under the international federation of cheerleading(IFC).

I am also currently a professional drag queen. I’ve been doing drag for almost 3 years now. I have 2 titles under my name. I was the lipsync champion and also the champion for “night of a thousand Yoncés”. I was also the runner up for 2 runway balls. From that, my drag house has also ventured into YouTube.

Notable Achievements

  • Mr World Singapore 2020 2nd Runner Up (Senior Category)

  • Mr Ketogenic: Contestant S12 - Fairul Edham Hirdayat Bin Dahlan (Ketomei)

  • Mr Ziggy-est Feet: Contestant S12 - Fairul Edham Hirdayat Bin Dahlan (Ziggy Feet)

  • Mr Pretty Boy: Contestant S12 - Fairul Edham Hirdayat Bin Dahlan (Fleek by Thea)


  • STARHUB TVB Awards(dancer) 2013

  • STARHUB TVB Awards(dancer) 2015

  • Roystan tan Movie 3688 (dancer/extra) 2015

  • Choreographer & Dancer Nathan Hartono music video (Electricity) 2016

  • Dancer Munah Hirzi Beyonce Lemonade Parody Video 2016

  • Universal Studios Parade Performer 2017

  • Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night Performer 2017

  • Universal Studios Christmas Parade Performer 2017

  • Universal Studios Parade Performer 2018

  • RWS World Cup Parade Performer Performer 2018

  • Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night Performer 2018

  • Universal Studios Christmas Parade Performer 2018

  • Universal Studios Dragon Trail Parade Performer 2019

  • Universal Studios Sesame Street 50th Anniversary Performer 2019


  • House of miss Joaquim YouTube channel (Slumber ParTea)- present

  • Happy TV YouTube channel (spit it out) - present

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