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Richard Englisch

Most of his friends call him Richi. Richard arrived in early 2018 from Vienna which is in Austria, the place where he grew up. Since he arrived in Singapore, people have been very curious to find out where he came from.

He mostly lets them know that he is Eurasian and that his dad is from Austria and my mom is Singaporean. To the second part of the question he tells them a short version of his childhood by saying: “Well, I was born in Germany, went to kindergarten in Upper Austria, afterwards we moved to Singapore, where I went to school until primary school. Then we moved back to Austria where I continue my school in Vienna.”

 Today he is finally back again in Singapore and he couldn’t be more pleased! He spends his free time engaged in water sports, like wake boarding and surfing. But he also used to do Freestyle Soccer and Bboying which is breakdancing. At the age of 18, he had even joined a group in Vienna who calls themselves CAM (creative acrobatic movements). There he learned more about Parkour, Breakdance and Tricking. He has also learned a few basic flips, like the backflip, gainer (side backflip) and the wall flip.

Richi is passionate about a career in the entertainment industry, and when he is not at casting calls or shoots, his day job is at a local hotel as a bartender.  How in the world is it possible that a guy like him ended up being a bartender?  His whole family used to work in the hospitality industry and that was why he graduated as a hospitality expert.  After not too long he found that his passion was to serve behind the bar. Not because he is an alcoholic but because he enjoys getting to know different kinds of people from all over the globe. It’s the perfect job for a hyper-active person like him.

The main reason why he came to Singapore is that he wants to get to know his country better. After all Singapore is and always will be a part of him.


  • Role of Lover - Avenue 14 (Monochormatic Pictures), 2018


  • LAB SERIES, Mr Most Well Groomed (Open) - Subsidiary Title at Manhunt Singapore 2018

  • VINTAGE STUDIO, Mr Vintage Studio - Subsidiary Title at Manhunt Singapore 2018

  • AREGGIO BY BEAUTIFUL LOVE WEDDING - Mr Areggio - Subsidiary Title at Manhunt Singapore 2018

  • DESIGN & COMFORT - Mr D&C Ambassador - Subsidiary Title at Manhunt Singapore 2018

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