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Fuad Al Hakim

Fuad started his career as a full time graphic designer. His passion for the arts started since he was a teenager. He is quite a perfectionist when it comes to his work. Every single detail matters to him. Fuad is also disciplined with his time and daily routines.

Deep down, Fuad is actually a simple guy and he seeks only the simple pleasures in life.

A year ago, Fuad tore his ACL and meniscus of his left knee while doing a sport representing the Army during his service. After surgery, not being able to walk and workout properly, he lost all his motivation. Not ready to give up, he managed to pull himself up again.

"The reason you fall is so that you can get back up stronger.” Fuad believes in spreading positivity and inspiring people with dreams and aspirations.

For his positivity, good looks and winning physique, Fuad was crowned the winner of Manhunt Singapore 2015. He represented Singapore in Manhunt International 2016 in Shenzhen, China and won the “Best Physique” Title.

Fuad is effectively bilingual in English and Malay.


  • 2017 - Lion Moms 2

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