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Sonya Davison

Born in Bangkok, fun-loving and down-to-earth city girl, Sonya Davison, embodies the best traits of her native land.


Sonya spent her childhood globetrotting around Asia, when she called cities as diverse as Bangkok, Sydney, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, London and Singapore, home. The diversity of her home cities is also reflected in her uniquely exotic Pan-Asian blend - the result of her Chinese/Thai and British parentage.  


Sonya was raised by her British father and Indonesian stepmother predominantly in Malaysia, where she came to learn and embrace Bahasa Indonesian and her unique heritage.


At the tender of age of 15 her mixed ethnicity and hard-working, enthusiastic attitude opened doors to a sudden flourishing career in the modeling industry. An initially shy Sonya, let her inner confidence shine after landing a Sony commercial and Celcom (a leading Malaysian telecommunication company) campaign in the same week! It didn’t take long for her Eurasian looks to place her in high demand, landing her multiple leading roles for global clients such as Ponds, Sunsilk, Nikon, Panasonic, Nestle and many other leading international brands.


Her onscreen appearances transcended modeling early in her career, when at just 18 she competed against renowned actresses in Asia and landed her very first acting assignment - a speaking role in the Hollywood film “Fair Game” directed by Doug Liman (of “The Bourne Identity” and “Mr & Mrs Smith” fame) starring household names Naomi Watts and Sean Penn. Since then she has starred in several music videos, most recently taking the lead in Malaysian celebrity comedian and singer, Zizan Razak’s latest hit video.


Sonya’s adventurous streak led her to relocate to Singapore at 19. While some may have been content with a successful modeling career, Sonya continued to explore her artistic talents, which lead her to pursue a degree in Design at the LaSalle College of The Arts. 


While in Singapore, her vivacious personality and creative talents caused her to be selected as a cast member of the popular Interior Design reality show – “The Apartment Design Your Destiny” which enabled her to demonstrate her artistic talents and onscreen charisma to viewers worldwide. 


Since relocating to Singapore, Sonya continues to land leading roles for international and local brands like Biore, UOB, Starhub, Dulux, Pioneer and Honda, to name a few. 


Apart from appearing in international campaigns, she was also selected as a finalist for “Female’s Cover Girl Search” and “Female’s 50 Most Gorgeous People”. Likewise, she was invited to enter the “Volkswagen GTI Beauty Pageant” and walked away with the grand prize.


Currently living in Singapore, when Sonya is not exploring new exotic travel destinations, she continues to pursue modeling, acting and hosting. She will soon be launching a fashion line - “Glow Maternity” - for pregnant women in Asia who inspire to be trendy and glamourous. In her free time, Sonya loves to express her creativity by blogging and sharing her views on her second loves: beauty and style at her official website


Currently Sonya is venturing into her true passion ... hosting. Having just started, she has already landed the sought-after role of the “Official Zoukout Trailer Girl” and the host for the upcoming “Zoukout Official Video 2012”.  Much more lies in the horizon which she will share when she is able to! 


In the meantime, watch as Sonya turns up her natural onscreen charisma that is sure to charm viewers!


Sonya Davison is a Beam Artiste.



  • Fair Game

  • Music video "infiniti Cinta" by Zizan Razak ft Kaka

  • American Horror Story TV Promo


  • Sunsilk

  • Tourism Malaysia

  • Nestle ice cream

  • Nikon

  • Changi Airport

  • Hong Leong

  • Biore

  • Malaysian Airlines

  • Starhub

  • Dulux

  • Singapore Airlines

  • UOB

  • Tiger Balm

  • Sony Handycam

  • Ponds

  • Celcom

  • Clear shampoo

  • Panasonic aircon

  • Honda scooter

  • Pioneer

  • Lactacyd

  • Sea Mild Oatmeal



  • The Apartment


  • Female Cover Girl Search finalist

  • Miss Volkswagen GTI Pageant winner

  • Female's 50 Most Gorgeous finalist

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