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Ase Wang

Ase Wang’s versatile looks and natural charm has landed her over thirty commercials worldwide.

A graduate of the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute of New York, as well as the Leslie Khan Institute of Los Angeles, Ase’s first Hollywood break was in the feature film, ‘Prince and Me 4’, playing the lead role of Princess Myra.

Ase starred in her first Singaporean feature film, ‘Clouds In My Coffee’, and was also cast in the main role in a leading Singapore TV series, SPIN in 2000. This successful Singapore stint saw Ase move her career to Hong Kong to work with Jackie Chan’s management, where she appeared in many commercials and in over ten music videos alongside stars such as Aaron Kwok, Leon Lai and Edison Chen.

Her popularity in Thailand led her to also star in several Thai features such has "Sick Nurses" and her latest award winning feature, "Shambhala". Ase also sits on the Judging panel in the successful Reality TV show "Supermodel Me" as Resident Judge, to scout the next big Asian Supermodel.

In the print world, Ase held the title of "Sexiest Asian" by FHM five times running from 2006 to 2009 and again in 2013. A regular cover girl, Ase has graced over 20 covers of popular international fashion magazines such as FHM, New Woman, Nylon, Female, seventeen and TV commercials. 


WDA exhibition film
Shopback TVC
Impian Haji Malik telemovie MediShield TVC + Printad
NEA TVC + Printad
Baby Bumps telemovie
The Future of Us exhibition film 93m2 drama series


31 Disember telemovie NTUC Income TVC
Vanish TVC
Dimensi Ep 4 drama series Mastercard TVC
Prudential short film Cosmopolitan drama series Nur Ainon telemovie


Kisah Kita drama series
The Learning Curve telemovie Nutrisoy Printad
Sentosa Printad

Main (Shop Assistant)
Main (Office exec) Supporting (Myra)
Main (Daughter)
Main (Office exec)
Guest role (Performing artist) Main (Office exec)

Main (Aliyah Salihin)

Main (Girlfriend) Main (Office exec) Supporting (Farah) Featured
Featured (Medic) Main (Jannah) Supporting (Nadia)

Guest role (Jane) Guest role (teacher) Main

Flipside Stories Hello
UDConcepts Bobbing Buoy Films Shiny Happy People Papahan Films

Flipside Stories Chimney
The Casting Studio Mediacorp Eaglevision Shooting Gallery Moving Bits Mediacorp Eaglevision Silver Screen

Mediacorp Eaglevision Blue River
Shooting Gallery

Ase Wang
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