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Luke Newton

Born in Melbourne Australia to a Chinese-Malaysian Mother and Australian Father, as a kid, Luke idolised the “Muscles from Brussels” Jean-Claude Van Damme, in awe of his Adonis physique. Almost two decades since then, now with his own buff physique fit to rival that of Van Damme, and having experienced life from different perspectives, studying and working across Asia and Australia, Luke finds an unequivocal passion in motivating individuals to transform their bodies
and lives through health and fitness. But finding his purpose passion and path in life had not always been crystal clear though. Completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering, Luke pursued a career as a Civil Engineer prior to embarking on his health and fitness journey as a Personal Trainer and Wellness coach.


Complementing his sporty, brawny side, some would be pleasantly surprised to learn that Luke also has a softer side. With a Dad who was a guitarist and played in many bands, Luke “inherited” his Dad’s
“guitar genes” and sang and played guitar all through his teenage years up until his college years. Even though he claims to have “retired” his guitar, who knows if he might come out of “retirement”.


When scouted to try out for Manhunt Singapore 2018, Luke saw it as a great opportunity to further develop his fitness brand here in Singapore and gain greater exposure to the entertainment industry, so as to realize his ultimate dream of becoming a motivational speaker, hosting for events in Singapore and even Asia, or even on TV such as MTV channel, and starting his own fitness and wellness studio in Singapore.


  • SIBEH RICH ASIANS, with Michelle Chong, 2018

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