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Kerry Tran

Kerry’s parents own an ice cream business back in Vietnam, so when he was a kid, he had a free-flow ice cream dispenser in my room! He could have soft-serve chocolate, vanilla and coconut ice cream at any time of the day - breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper - which probably explains his severe childhood obesity.

But all of that stopped when he moved to Singapore as an ASEAN
scholar, being away from his family and being out of his comfort zone. In 2018, he gradutated from NUS Finance and Accounting whilst juggling his academics, Hall commitments as Sheares Hall's Director of Cultural Affairs, and his pursuit of a career in music. He started hitting the gym in JC and today sees fitness and iron as a personal therapy and 'anchor' to keep his life together, reminding him to stay focused and to set clear goals to become a better version of himself everyday.

A passionate music enthusiast and aspiring singer, he grew up listening to Queen and The Beatles thanks to his dad's influence, and spent his teenage years head banging to My Chemical Romance. Since he was a kid, he had always wanted to write and perform his own music, and he grew up idolizing Freddie Mercury for his craft and showmanship. These days he performs regularly with his own band, Supersoda (they're in the process of recording a demo), as well as pursues various music projects in an acappella group and choir, in and out of NUS. Just a few months ago his alumni choir, the Victoria Chorale, represented Singapore and won the Grand Finals at the International Choir Festival in Manado, Indonesia.

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