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Bernard Chiew

Bernard is an entrepreneur and engages in the sale of parallel
imported vehicles. Before that he has served in our nation’s Navy as
a Regular from 2006-2012 as a weapons specialist. In 2008, he was

sent to Iraq under Operation Blue Orchid to assist in the post-
war reconstruction of the embattled country. For that he was

awarded an overseas service medal. In 2011, he was also sent to
the Gulf of Aden under Operation Blue Sapphire where he and his
crew engaged in an anti-piracy mission along Somali waters. Those
were exciting times that he still speaks with relish about today.
Bernard won the Senior Manhunt Singapore title in 2018 and also
has other accolades such as winner of the Temasek Polytechnic
Pageant of School of Design; and was also a Finalist for Sasuke
Singapore 2012.

Bernard is a strong believer in random acts of kindness. He believes
that a small gesture can make a big difference to the world and the
people around. For example, when he sees workers in the hot sun
along the roadside, maintaining the Stop/Go signboard, he will
give them a thumbs up, gesturing that he really appreciates them
for what they do for us. He believes this may, in some cases, make
them feel appreciated. He also starts conversations with coffee
shop aunties or uncles clearing or cleaning the table for him, thanks
them and smiles. He believes simple gesture like these will actually
make society happier, when people stop to appreciate the efforts of


  • Supporting Role in Kin, Mediacrop Ch 5 (long form drama)

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