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Sherraine Law

Sherraine yearns to be an all-rounded artiste and a good performer. She hopes to do well, be it in acting, singing or hosting and tries her best to prepare herself to be ready at opportunities given to her. Through the years, Sherraine has worked hard to develop her skills and gain more experiences. She was part of the Chinese Drama Performing Arts Society in her Secondary school years and it was from here that she took interest in acting.

In 2010, Sherraine had the opportunity to take part in Let's Talk, a Chinese Youth Talk Show by Channel U. The show focused on debates and the sharing of problems faced by the teens. In 2011, Sherraine was invited back to do street interviews for Let's Talk 2. After which, Sherraine was given more opportunities to act in several shows that were aired on TV.

Sherraine's acting career reached a next level in 2012 and 2013 when she was casted as Mayoki, the main supporting actress for Ah Boys to Men 1 and Ah Boys to Men 2. In 2014, she did a supporting role in Filial Party and worked alongside various big names like Christopher Lee, Kym Ng and Irene Ang. In 2015, Sherraine was selected to be part of Mediacorp's singing variety show "Getai Challenge". Along with the popularity of the 13-episodes show, Sherraine's popularity soared swiftly and her social media followers and fan base doubled.

Equipped with a Diploma in Mass Communications, Sherraine is also a bilingual emcee for corporate shows and events. Starting out at the age of 18, Sherraine has hosted for several events, which included of annual dinners of big corporations as well as other community events like the Chingay Roadshow. Her friendly personality and bubbly character allowed her to engage the audience effectively.

Sherraine went on to do 2 years in NAFA Mandarin Theatre in the hope to polish her acting skills. After the Getai Challenge Variety Show in 2015, Sherraine became more well-known to the public and has been invited to be on many Television Variety Shows. She was also given the opportunity to work with many different directors in the filming industry, like Jack Neo, Royston Tan and Boris Boo.


  • 老友万岁 Old Is Gold (2019)

  • 女鬼爱上尸 When Ghost Meets Zombie (2019)

  • 一切从昏睡开始 WhileYou Were Away (2019)

  • 一站遇见 Hello Miss Driver (2019)

  • 阴错阳差 Hello From The Other Side (2019)

  • Code of Law S4 (2018)

  • 路边歌王 The Story of Wang Lei (2018)

  • 不平凡的平凡 Reach For The Skies (2018)

  • 最强岳母 Mightiest Mother-in-law (2017)

  • 知星人 My Friends from Afar (2017)

  • 相信我 Have A Little Faith (2017)

  • 富贵平安 Peace and Prosperity (2016)

  • 118 (2014)


  • 2019 新明晚报 TOP 10 Most Favourite Artiste (Getai)

  • 2018 新明晚报 TOP 20 Most Favourite Artiste (Getai)

  • 2017 新明晚报 TOP 10 Most Favourite Artiste (Getai)

  • 2016 新明晚报 TOP 20 Most Favourite Artiste (Getai)

  • 2015 欢喜来卡啦 Singapore Rep to Malaysia Astro TV

  • 2015 新明晚报 TOP 20 Most Favourite Artiste (Getai)

  • 2014 全球闽南语歌唱比赛 Singapore Rep to Taiwan

  • 2014 新明晚报 TOP 10 Most Favourite Artiste (Getai)

  • 2013 新明晚报 TOP 10 Most Favourite Artiste (Getai)

  • 2011 STOMP TOP 10 Most Favourite Artiste (Getai)

  • 2010 STOMP TOP 10 Most Favourite Artiste (Getai)

  • 2010 STOMP Best Newcomer Award (Getai)

  • 2007 Teenage Icon Finalist



  • Mr World Singapore 2020

  • Keep Clean, Singapore! 2020 Virtual Launch Event

  • Nee Soon East National Day Reception & Observance Ceremony 2019

  • Punggol North

  • SG LIMO GROUP 2nd Anniversary Dinner 

  • Jalan Besar CNY Dinner 2020

  • Braddell Heights Fund Raising Dinner 2019

  • Pasir Ris Punggol Racial Harmony Parade 2019

  • Downtown East Outlet Opening 2019

  • CNY Dinner and Dance 2019 (Watt Wah Co)

  • Marsiling Mall Grand Opening 2018

  • River Hong Bao LNY Show 2018

  • Ulu Pandan Bus Depot Carnival 2018

  • CNY Dinner and Dance 2018 (Watt Wah Co)

  • Seletar Bus Depot Carnival 2018

  • Punggol North Street Parade 2017

  • Marsiling National Day Observance 2017

  • CNY Dinner and Dance 2017 (SingTel)

  • CNY Dinner and Dance 2017 (Watt Wah Co)

  • CNY Dinner and Dance 2017 (ZTP)

  • CNY Dinner and Dance 2017 (Kopitiam)

  • Wheel Walk or Jog Carnival 2016

  • Eunos Lunar New Year Dinner 2016

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