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Kimiie Thea

Kimberly started networking at the age of 15 and always believed in the positive effects of widening her social circle. She stands by her value “do unto others as they do to you” which helped her a lot in keeping a steady relationship with people and has built credibility & trust with her network/followers/clients and friends. 

She’s mixed blood Singaporean Chinese/Thai therefore she speaks English, Chinese, Hokkien & Thai. Her Role can be very versatile.. She has a very outgoing character, independent, witty, flexible, highly adaptive, has a growth seeking attitude and bubbly which makes her a joy to work with. 

She has a very high rate card with her sponsors (hair, nails, lashes, products etc) who has feedback that their businesses increase based on her recommendations. She was also Singapore’s first few live auctioneers selling branded bags and has an unbeatable sales record of 600k profit in one live session in 2016. 

She’s also a beauty/business coach for 8 years and works with 260 consultants. She often have to emcee events and also conduct trainings such as emotional management, DISC, skincare classes, makeup workshops etc. which has helped her gained speaking skills.

She is currently one of the hosts of BANG BARS on SHOWBEIT


BANG BARS - Main Cast


Mr World Singapore 2022 - Host


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