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Clovie Peck

Clovie started dancing at the age of 7, and began her acting career when she was spotted by a modeling agency back in 2012. She is currently a costume designer and she loves creating pieces that challenges conventional norms. She also specialise in conceptualizing radical entertainment/performance Clovie Peck concepts. Being a self-taught stiltwalker herself, She teaches talented artists the art of stiltwalking in her free time. Clovie considers herself to be a passionate and highly-driven individual who strives to leave a positive trail of energy wherever she goes. In short, she would like to do her part to make this world a better place for all who are living on it!

Commercial/TV Acting:

  • - MacDonalds

  • - City Developments Limited: Irwell Hill Property

  • - Trax software

  • - Singapore Tourism Board

  • - MeWatch drama

  • - Okome Japanese Rice

  • - Capitaland Mall Halloween video 2020:

  • - OKTO TV series

  • - Mazed Up (Female lead):

  • - Gym Video Advertisement for Busybody SportsWear Brand

  • - Pizzahut TVC Performances

  • - Samsung S4 TVC

  • -KFC TVC

  • - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 TVC

  • - Tigerbeer TVC

  • - SENTOSA Cable Car TVC

  • - Far East Organisation Echelon Property TVC

  • - Heineken Green Room Promotional Video

  • - Viral Video Advertisement and Newspaper Front Page for

  • - DBS Christmas Semi-Commercial TVC (Aired at all MRT Stations)


  • - Boozy Penguin Drunk Talk video series

  • - Cars & Yachts 2020 Re-Branding videos

  • - ElevenSports TV Presenter

  • - Bodyshop's new HoneyMania products @ Media Centres/Newswire Agencies in Singapore

  • - The Minds Cafe Weekly Games Night Hosting

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