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The exuberant and vibrant May burst into the public eye when she started modelling for designer labels such as Marc Jacobs, Chopard and Bvlgari. The Malaysian-born beauty of Norwegian/ Chinese descent then had her big break when she and her twin Choy became MTV Asia VJs hosting ‘Double Trouble’ and interviewing international stars including Michael Buble, Oasis, Wang Lee Hom and Taiwanese hip hop group Machi. Her popularity as a VJs resulted in extensive media exposure, making her a familiar face across the region, and it wasn’t before long that May got her own reality TV show in Malaysia, ‘Star Celeb’.


May’s career skyrocketed when she and Choy were cast for their first movie ‘881’ playing the roles of The Durian Sisters. It was here that the talented twins got to display their flair for acting, singing and dancing.

When not working together, the twins assert their individuality by working independently with May having presented at Star Celeb and hosted many live events such as JewelFest 2013, TUMI launch 2015 and various fashion shows.


A mother to two girls, May loves to cook and to bake in particular, becoming the boss of Mama Sepraphina. Her passion also extends to those suffering from lupus and she was invited to the 8th World Lupus Congress. She was also conferred the position of ambassador of One Life Experience, a worldwide campaign for World Aids Day.



  • Serve You Right

  • After Hours

  • Police and Thief 4

  • Maggie & Me

  • Phua Chu Kang

  • OktoLIVE!

  • I’m the Better Cook

  • Lunchtime Primetime





  • Mother & Baby

  • 8 Days

  • Her World

  • Shape Singapore

  • Simply Her


  • 881 as the Durian Sisters with twin, Choy Wan

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